About Anna

A native of Colorado who spent good growing years as an adult in both San Antonio, Texas and Tucson, Arizona before finding her home in Oregon, Anna brings a wealth of experience to her work with you. Highlights of her wending educational and career path include a Bachelor of Arts in Art History and Humanities with a minor in Italian, work in small non-profits, free-lance writing, french restaurant waitressing, independent bookstore shelving, certification as a K-12 Special Education teacher, education of high school students with learning disabilities and emotional disturbances, group facilitation of youth at a residential treatment facility, a Masters in Social Work, clinical work with youth and families in crisis, and management of large federal grants.

It was a lay-off from that last position that led Anna to come back to center and spend time discerning what – exactly – she wanted to do with her life. This process led her back to a grad-school dream of working with women and their families on health and healing. From that place of clarity, it was quick work to understand how being a Labor Doula was a perfect synthesis of her skills and experiences as an educator, advocate, and therapeutic presence. She attended a CAPPA training and has been happily supporting families through the miracle of birth since.

It did not take long for Anna to realize how much she loves working with pregnant women and their families and make the choice to become a Lamaze Childbirth Educator in addition to her work as a Labor Doula. A natural teacher, Anna loves facilitating learning, creating an environment in which everyone’s gifts and insights contribute to the lessons at hand. Utilizing a variety of teaching methods, Anna ensures that everyone remains engaged in the learning and is able to integrate the lessons into their own experiences and needs.

Because pregnancy is not the only time women and their families need support, Anna sought out training in Reiki and Herbalism. Through a wonderful teacher, Anna moved through the levels of Reiki training to become a Master Reiki practitioner and finds the practice to be a wonderful way to bring peace and healing to people. A life-long lover of plants, studying Herbalism was a natural way for Anna to focus that love for our green allies into a learning that supports health and healing.

When Anna is not supporting women and their families with their health and healing, she can be found puttering around the Portland home she shares with her partner Cathy, their son Oliver, and their three cats.