Anna has long felt a kinship with our green allies – always stopping to touch a leaf or smell a flower – and has long believed that their healing goes far beyond their ability to brighten our landscape. After years of informal study, Anna participated in the Fundamentals and Advanced programs of the North American Institute for Medical Herbalism in Boulder, CO.

With over 800 classroom hours, Anna has a solid foundation in utilizing herbs for health and healing. With a focus on foundational health – sleep, nutrition, stress management, etc – Anna can work with you to recreate balance in your life, utilizing herbs when needed.

Contact Anna to discuss your needs and set up a time to meet.

As with any non-medical treatments, this work does not replace the work you are doing with your primary healthcare provider. Anna will work with you to create a plan that best supports your health and the work you are doing with that provider.

Sessions cost $50 and take place in Anna’s Portland office.