Labor Doula

Advocate. Educator. Active listener. These are some of the skills a Labor Doula can bring to your pregnancy, labor, and birth. Anna integrates her experiences as a Social Worker and Educator in her work as your Doula, bringing these skills and more to your work together. Clients often remark about how calming her presence is and how they felt confident to create and implement their birth vision through their work with Anna.

Anna believes that your perfect birth is unique to you and one in which you feel strong in your center and confident in your decisions. She happily works with clients choosing unmedicated pain management, medicated pain management, home, hospital, or birthing center birth. Without judgement or agenda, she offers insight into different techniques and thoughtfully answers your questions so that you have all the information you need to confidently choose the methods that are right for you.

Anna has experience with:


– Cesarean Birth

– Unmedicated and medicated labor induction and augmentation

– Unmedicated and medicated pain management

– HIV+ pregnancy and birth

– Trauma and its impact on pregnancy and birth

– Home and hospital birth

Standard services include:

– free in-person interview for both you and Anna to decide if you are a good fit

– 2 prenatal visits to discuss your birth plan, answer questions you may have about your pregnancy, and talk about any feelings that may be coming up around your pregnancy and upcoming birth

– support in writing your birth plan, if needed

– unlimited support via email and phone

– constant support throughout your labor and delivery, including laboring with you at home before you go to the hospital or birth center if you are not birthing at home

– a postpartum visit within the first few days of your new one’s life to make sure everyone is doing well and offer any final referrals or resources

The fee for these services is $750. Cash or check only, please.

Anna believes that any woman who wants the support of a Doula should have that support, and so will happily work with a sliding scale and/or barter if your financial situation mandates that need for flexibility on Anna’s part. Contact Anna to discuss these choices further.

Anna is insured through CM&F Group, Inc. and is CPR and First Aid certified.

Anna is a proud member of the International Center for Traditional Childbearing.