Lamaze Childbirth Education

It’s not your Ma’s Lamaze.

With a solid foundation in research and a deep belief that birth is a natural process that women are fully equipped to handle with grace, Lamaze International was the natural choice for Anna when she chose to become a Childbirth Educator. While many people still think of the “hoo hoo hoo, hee hee hee” breathing techniques of their mothers’ generations as the crux of Lamaze teachings, the organization long ago expanded to become a valuable resource for current research on birth best practices and a leading trainer of Childbirth Educators.

Anna’s classes cover your changing body, the labor process, unmedicated and medicated pain management, and breastfeeding basics, among other topics. You will practice techniques for moving through contractions and different ways to think about the labor process. Discussions will include good questions to ask your practitioner and there will be opportunities to explore your excitements and fears about birth. Anna establishes a comfortable learning environment, making everyone feel at home and facilitating your ability to learn from each other.


Classes are $175/couple, $150/individual.

Private classes are offered for $200/couple, $175 individual.

Cash or check only, please. As with all of her services, Anna is happy to work with a sliding scale and/or barter if your financial situation mandates that flexibility. Contact Anna to discuss your situation.

Anna welcomes all families in her classes and ensures that a welcoming learning space is created for all students, regardless of learning style. Contact her to share your family story and any specific learning needs you have.