Reiki is a traditional Japanese healing technique that was revitalized in the 1920’s by Mikao Usui. The term comes from joining the Japanese word for “universal energy” (rei) with the word for “individual life force” (ki) and refers to the channeling of that universal energy during a session through the gentle laying on of hands. Regardless of your belief system, if you can step into the understanding that everything is made of energy, you can understand that Reiki simply accesses some of that universal energy and channels it into your body where you can utilize it to reduce stress, manage chronic conditions, decrease pain, and support healing.

This energy transfer happens with you resting on a massage table fully clothed. Anna slowly works her way down your body resting her hands on certain spots – the top of your head, your abdomen, your back, your knees, etc. Some people feel warmth or coolness or a lightness or heaviness during the treatment, which takes about an hour. Following the treatment, people report feeling centered and relaxed with a decrease in pain.

Many hospitals now offer Reiki to patients because of its ability to decrease the need for pain medications and enhance the healing process. The practice is perfectly safe for anyone and has been found to enhance and support other treatments patients are utilizing.

Anna became a Reiki Master through studying with her wonderful teacher Grace. As a Reiki Master, she also offers attunements for people wanting to learn the practice of Reiki. This involves a session in which she helps you open up to receiving the universal energy, allowing you to do self-treatments and offer this wonderful healing to your loved ones. Think of it as tuning your radio so that you are picking up the signal clearly and without static. Contact Anna for more information about this process.

Sessions can take place in person at Anna’s office in Portland or as a distance healing. Because it’s all about energy and flow, you need not be sitting in front of her to experience the wonderful relaxation and healing that is Reiki.

Sessions cost $50 and usually last about an hour, not including the time spent before Anna begins discussing your health and any areas you would like her to focus on for that session.

Anna offers a special, one-time rate of $30 for people who have no experience with Reiki and want to just try it out to see if it’s for them. Let her know when you schedule if you would like the one-time, first-time rate.

As with all of her work, Anna is happy to discuss a sliding-scale or barter if needed. Cash or check only, please. Anna is insured through the National Association of Massage Therapists and is CPR and First Aid certified.

Anna is a proud member of the Northwest Reiki Association and participates in their free clinics for patients of the Northwest Cancer Specialists.